Thursday, October 2, 2008

Newspaper blames rival in rack robberies

A newspaper war raging among several free Peninsula dailies heated up Monday after one publication accused another of snatching hundreds of papers from the competition's racks.

Mike Costello, The Examiner's vice president of circulation, said he and two colleagues caught a delivery man for the Daily Post driving down El Camino Real with about 1,000 copies of their newspaper and the San Mateo Daily News stuffed inside the trunk of a Toyota Corolla. The man also had about 50 copies of the San Mateo Daily Journal, Costello said.

It all started Monday before dawn when an Examiner auditor discovered that many of the newspaper's San Mateo racks were empty just hours after delivery.

The auditor drove down El Camino and observed a man delivering the Palo Alto-based Daily Post and cleaning out competitors' boxes, said Costello, who traveled to San Mateo from San Francisco with a third colleague to intercept the alleged thief.

"I pulled over right in front of him and asked him to pop his trunk," Costello said. "He had quite a load of papers there."

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