Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Zerbisias won't be replaced at The Star

Antonia Zerbisias announced on her Facebook profile recently that she will no longer be The Toronto Star's Media Critic. In the message, which was also posted on David Akin's blog, she was vague on details. She would only offer that she is finally getting to do the job she has "repeatedly lobbied for since 2003 - and, thanks to [The Star's] recent redesign and related factors, I finally got it!".

But when asked via email what that job actually is, she responded, "I will be writing about social issues/cultural trends." She also revealed that The Star won't be hiring someone to replace her. There will no longer be a media critic at the daily broadsheet. She added, "You would have to be crazy to do that job."

Zerbisias' last media column appeared in the June 9th edition of The Star. You can read her previous pieces here. This website wishes her well with the new job.

UPDATE: You can now read her in the Living section. Her debut column can be read here. Also, special thanks to The Toronto Sun Family Blog for mentioning the original story here.

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