Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sacramento Bee to cut 25 more jobs

The Sacramento Bee will eliminate 25 jobs as of Jan. 29, the latest round of cuts to take place in the past couple of years at the newspaper, The Bee confirmed Monday.

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Anonymous said...

McClatchy got a lot of press for actually improving margin. Trouble was, the only strategy employed to achieve that result was cost reduction. No one there has a clue how to do anything else.

This IS the model going forward. The cows are being milked, but not being fed. Eventually, they will stop producing milk, and then they will die.

Those of you still there, who are not part of the executive ranks, will have to ride it out or find a new career. If you are buying into all the ivory tower bullshit about "repositioning to compete in a new media landscape, new revenue streams, transitioning to digital platforms, overcoming secular headwinds (a Pruitt staple)," yadda yadda yadda, you are only fooling yourselves.