Sunday, October 11, 2009

A half century ago, readers flocked to newspapers buildings to get their daily fix...

Toronto Sun Family Blog has come across two interesting old videos.

One, a NY Daily News presentation from 1945 on a 17-day New York newspaper deliverers' strike. The other, a 1940 piece on journalism from Vocational Guidance Films Inc.'s Your Life Work series.

The strike newsreel, above, touches on the radio v. newspaper war that had been building. "Will radio eventually supplant newspapers? Isn't it easier to turn a switch than to read an editorial. Yes, for radio, here was a heaven-sent opportunity."

It also shows readers lining up at newspaper plants to buy their daily issue, braving picketers on the way. "Lines five blocks long were a daily occurrence."

In the training film, below, "There's a real thrill in seeing your own byline over a story when it's in print."


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