Sunday, October 4, 2009

Google CEO Eric Schmidt On Newspapers & Journalism

Danny Sullivan writes:

So it’s the internet that’s killing papers? Schmidt immediately stopped me from suggesting that he’s saying newspapers will die. He thinks they will survive in some form:

Killing newspapers, that’s your words, not mine…

The number of readers for newspapers is declining. The market is becoming more specialized. There will always be a market for people who read the newspaper on a train going into New York City. There will always be a market for people who sit in in the afternoon in a cafe in the city and read the newspaper in the sunshine. The term “killing” is a bit over[blown]. Newspapers face a long-term secular decline because of the shift in user habits due to the Internet.

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Greg Watts said...

I agree with you. I don't think newspapers will die. I do think, though, that they are going to look very different in the future, and have fewer readers. Many of the younger generation today don't buy newspapers. The big problem for many papers will come in 15-20 years time when many of the current older readers will have died.