Sunday, September 6, 2009

Newspaper Seeks Online Donations To Help With Coverage

Following the lead of some other newspaper websites, The Raleigh Telegram newspaper is seeking online donations to help with its news efforts and to help pay its NC Press Association dues.

"Like other newspapers across the country, we're offering our news on our website for free," said R.Gregg, publisher of the newspaper. "As we're providing a free service to thousands of readers each week through our journalist's efforts, hopefully that is of some value to the public and our readers."

Gregg said he had seen other independent newspaper websites such as The Minnesota Post and Voice of San Diego successfully request donations to fund newsroom operations and decided to give it a try. In fact, the vast majority of the source of funds used run those news operations comes from donations from private individuals or public institutions.

"We would very much like to fund some additional reporters and any donations would certainly help towards that goal," said Gregg.

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