Friday, July 10, 2009

Real news still comes from newspapers

From a letter to the Eagle-Tribune:

Let me tell you why that worries me, as a news media consumer. Aside from the fact that some of us old-fashioned types still prefer the look, feel and smell of the newsprint, there are more substantive reasons why we need the companies that produce the newspapers. In a word, it's journalism — serious journalism, that is.

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Rockinon said...

Humbug. I spent more than three decades working at newspapers. (I took a buyout when the December layoffs hit.) Newspapers need to tighten their standards. They need to be more professional. Then they will rule. I did a blog looking at the media fueled meth scare of 2005,, speed kills, part 4, and it corrects some of the foolishness engaged in by most media at the time. I also wrote a piece, Get it right or we get it on YouTube!, addressing this issue. Newspapers must learn to compete. In the past, especially in one newspaper towns, they didn't have to. That day is gone.