Monday, July 27, 2009

AFP quits Fleet Street, leaving DC Thomson as its last news outfit

Roy Greenslade writes:

While being interviewed about old times in Fleet Street by AFP's Robin Millard I recalled that my first visit, to deliver a picture to the now-defunct Evening News, was some time in 1965.

I became a regular visitor after that, sometimes on errands for a freelance photographer, sometimes simply to soak up the atmosphere in the pubs, most of which have now gone. I started work there as a sub in 1969, and I imagined I would be there for ever.

It was a village, as many veterans say. The social life was terrific. The drinking often reached heroic proportions (though many of those 'heroes' are no longer with us - I wonder why).

But, like almost all journalistic nostalgia (all nostalgia, I guess), people tend to mythologise. It was noisy and dirty, with the highest lead content of any street in Britain. The conditions in which everyone worked, especially the printers, were awful.

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