Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twitter poses risks for papers

It's easy to see why journalists, who depend on just such networks of informants, find Twitter appealing.

Smarter news organizations encourage this. But it comes at a price. Nurturing these online networks obliges journalists to exchange messages with fans and followers, so the potential is there for staffers to spout off, spill secrets, give away their journalism.

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Stephen said...

this is an uninformed, out of touch, garbage piece - and i said so when i commented on the story on the herald site. by writing and publishing this, wasserman has put on display the problem with his news organization and industry's outlook on the future of journalism.

it's not a one-way street anymore, and the conversation that is made possible by things like twitter will make for better, more engaging, more accurate and more relevant journalism.

this kind of thinking is why our industry is, ahem, fading to black.