Thursday, May 7, 2009

People still want the news, but not the ‘paper’

Most every weekday morning, Daniel Gill starts out his day by checking out the breaking news stories on or on the Los Angeles Times’ Web site. Since the 31-year-old Los Angeles resident owns a public relations company, Force Field PR, he also makes it a point to log onto entertainment-related sites like the Daily Swarm and Flavorpill.

Across the country, in Morgantown, W. Va., 34-year-old media consultant Kelly Ann Collins likes to begin her workday by reading articles from and USA Today that come to her via Twitter feeds. When Collins’ grandmother tells her about an interesting story in the local paper, the Dominion Post, Collins makes sure to check it out — online.

Gill and Collins are quickly becoming emblematic of a new type of newspaper reader — one that doesn’t read an actual paper.

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