Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's the Disaster Recovery Plan for our Nations Newspapers?

Brace Rennels writes:

There is something about having the paper in your hand and folding the pages just right so you can read the article of interest and then continue reading in the bathroom, taking it to the gym or just reading in our favorite chair in the comfort of our homes. Most of us who spend much of the day on computers or internet every day like to detach the power of the internet for something more simplistic like a newspaper.

As blogging, twittering and other social media sites grow as a primary source of news, can we police our selves to deliver accurate content? Twitter was a great example of this when it was reported on Twitter that the Maersk Captain Richard Phillips had been released and was safe. This came approximately two hours before any media outlet carried the announcement, as a few hours later CNN confirmed and authenticated the report and then went on the air to announce.

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