Monday, April 20, 2009

Online Rocky Mountain News Progeny Vows To Stay Viable

Executives at the fledgling InDenver Times, the online newspaper that rose out of the ashes of the Rocky Mountain News in March, signal that they are willing to move ahead even if they don't have the number of subscribers they said they needed to become viable by their self-imposed deadline this week.

When the site launched on March 16, its editors and financial backers said that they needed 50,000 subscribers to pledge $5 a month by April 23 to officially launch on May 4. They haven't said how many subscribers they have gotten since the announcement, but recent statements indicate they haven't reached their goal.

Nevertheless, they appear open to staying in business at least six months after they unveil their "complete product offering" in May, InDenver Times spokeswoman Casey Nikoloric told All Headline News.

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