Saturday, April 25, 2009

Journalism changing, not dying

Paul Berton writes:

Despite what you may have heard, the industry is not dying; it's changing. Yes, newspapers are closing, circulation almost everywhere is declining, and TV stations are shutting down.

But depending on your point of view, The London Free Press has never had more readers than it does today. We will sell about 100,000 newspapers today, which means more than twice that number will read it.

But we are not just a newspaper. We are a multi-platform media company. And we have easily the same number of people using our digital products as use the newspaper. We have people subscribing increasingly to our e-edition (it looks exactly like the newspaper, but in electronic form) and more than 200,000 unique monthly visitors to our website.

People haven't stopped being interested in news, they just receive it differently, often depending on their age.

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