Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jakarta Post not going online-only ... yet

Many people may still like to read a paper over breakfast, but unfortunately, when it comes to running a newspaper, this is not the main determining factor in its survival. Newspapers are going out of business not because they are losing readers but because they are no longer commercially viable with the sharp decline in the advertisement revenue.

Many papers have fully migrated to the digital world. Online news has many advantages over print, such as the capacity to provide news in real time (as opposed to the next morning); it is interactive; and it has audio-visual capabilities. Online news also cuts a large chunk off the costs incurred by newspapers, from newsprint and printing, to delivery services. In short, online news runs on a completely different business model, and one where turnover is on a much smaller scale given the significantly lower costs.

The Jakarta Post is not in that position to migrate completely yet, although we believe a time will come when we will need to. We are preparing for that eventuality even as we continue to improve the quality of our newspaper. We are investing heavily in our news portal,, investing money and man hours to run and develop what is essentially going to be the main medium for The Jakarta Post to deliver the news.

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