Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is 'large lump sum' funded journalism sustainable?

The HuffingtonPost's new investigative fund has provoked a range of reactions among media commentators - much of it positive so far. Jeff Jarvis, for example, quickly turned around a blog post, ahead of the fund's announcement, which praised the creation of a 'slice of a new journalism pie'. "This, I’ve long held, is where foundation and public support will enter into the new ecosystem of journalism," he wrote.

"There's still a market demand for investigations. The [new] news organisations that succeed them [newspapers] more than ever need to do things that are uniquely valuable. If you want to be found in a search world, you can't make it any more on commodity news," Jarvis tells, as part of a longer interview at his CUNY office, just near the New York Times building in Manhattan.

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