Monday, April 6, 2009

Game over for newspapers?

Riwanto Megosinarso writes:

The era of the newspaper began with the invention of printing technology that enabled newspapers to become a fast way to distribute important information. It was so fast that what happened today would already be in the paper tomorrow. But with the arrival of the Internet, tomorrow is not fast enough anymore. Let’s face it; when a newspaper is fresh off the press, its news is probably already 6 hours old, and who wants to buy old news when more up to date material is available online almost instantaneously?

So is this the end for newspapers altogether?

Not yet – for Asia, at least. As the numbers contract in Europe and North America, circulation in Asia has grown by more than 4.7 percent (according to the World Association of Newspapers).

Why the contrast? Low availability of Internet access is one reason, especially in places like India and Indonesia.

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