Thursday, April 23, 2009

Even Getting Shot Can't Save A Journalist's Job

You know times are rough for newspapers when taking a bullet for the company isn’t enough to save your job. One St. Louis reporter knows that all to well—at least, he knows now.

According to, Todd Smith, online editor for the Suburban Journals, sister paper to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, thought possibly he was being called in for a meeting because he’d won an award. After all, a reporter at the Post had won one for coverage of a shooting at a local city council meeting without being shot.

While covering the city council meeting, Smith wasn’t so lucky. In just a minute and a half, a gunman with a .44 Magnum killed five people. Smith was shot in the hand, the sole survivor among those who’d taken gunfire, including the mayor.

Two hand surgeries and over a year later, Lee Enterprises, the company that owns the Journals, sent Smith packing with a host of others. Thanks for taking a bullet for us; you’re fired.

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