Saturday, April 11, 2009

Citizen journalism and the uncertain future of news

"Journalism will survive the death of its institutions." So proclaimed David Cohn, the founder of citizen media start-up site

Cohn added, "Reporters today can make their own credentials." He knows from experience: secured a $340,000, two-year grant from the Knight Foundation to create a site where any reporter can outline a story idea and visitors can decide which story they'd like to fund partially. The online donations can help propel a story to the pages of a local Bay Area paper, or at the very least get it completed and marked with a Creative Commons license, freely available to published anywhere.

"Journalism is a right than anyone should do," Cohn said at mesh. He believes there should be no license that grants journalists a "license" to report on stories. In a "distributive society", media leaders have to rethink their models of operations.

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