Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can The Globe survive online only? Outlook is dicey

Thomas F. Mulvoy Jr. writes:

Make no mistake: Good journalism is costly. Last week, in an address to students at the University of Oregon, Globe editor-in-chief Martin Baron reflected on the matter: “The first story in the Globe’s Pulitzer-winning investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, and a 40-year cover-up, was published in January 2002, but it required eight months of reporting and major litigation before a single word appeared in print. Another year of reporting by a team of eight staffers resulted in the publication of some 1,000 stories. The overall cost of this effort was probably more than $1 million in staff salaries, and tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs. But the journalism’s impact has been long-lasting and profound – in Boston, around the country, and around the world.”

But that was then. Today, the imperative on Morrissey Boulevard is to cut, then cut some more.

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