Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The bad news about the news

Duncan Cameron writes:

To find out more about what bad news about the news means for Canada, rabble.ca organized an evening forum at the University of Toronto sponsored by OPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group). Scheduled as part of rabble.ca's eighth birthday celebrations, What's Wrong With Our Newspapers? featured as keynote speakers best selling authors Peter C. Newman, and (rabble.ca contributor) Linda McQuaig, along with social media guru, and rabble.ca board member Wayne MacPhail.

Newman has just published Izzy, a biography of the founder of the Canwest media empire, the late Izzy Asper. Now a contributing editor at Maclean's, the magazine he formerly edited and remade into today's weekly newsmagazine, Newman confided to the audience that each week he scrutinizes Canwest closely. Is this the week it will go under?

Also a former Toronto Star editor-in-chief, Newman described Canadian newspapers as boring. You turn the pages, and do not find enough interesting stories to read.

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