Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Year later, change still afoot as Cap Times, other newspapers transition to Web

A year since Madison's Capital Times converted from a daily, printed newspaper to a mostly online product, change has only just begun.

"Things have really continued to evolve," says Cap Times editor Paul Fanlund, who came to the paper in 2006 after a reporting-editing career at the Wisconsin State Journal and a 5 1/2-year stint as vice president of operations at Capital Newspapers.

With the news business, indeed the whole economy, imploding in the last 12 months, the once-shocking cessation of a daily ink-on-paper Cap Times "seems like five years ago now," he says.

The Cap Times was the first established daily in the U.S. to shift from daily printing to the Web, supplementing that with two new weekly tabloids -- one for news and opinion, the other for entertainment and the arts. Those are distributed inside the State Journal -- something that years ago would have been heresy in the once-fiercely-competitive Madison newspaper world.

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