Monday, March 2, 2009

Media: “Dead or Dying”?

From New Europe:

Change is not something new to the media landscape. Whether the introduction of television, and its eventual openness to the private sector, or the introduction of word-processing and page layout software to the print industry - both new platforms, and new technologies – these are not something new to the industry. That being said, change is now coming to the industry at a much faster rate, and media efforts to adapt to these changes are now happening in a much more haphazard, less planned, and more experimental manner than efforts of the industry historically. Mission statements and branding give way to traffic. Make no mistake, the efforts of adaptation are not so happening at such a rate only because the media are in panic. They are happening so fast also because the Internet is a very cheap platform to develop and experiment on, compared to print or broadcast platforms. But this is beginning to take a toll.

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