Friday, March 20, 2009

Decline of newspapers is disservice to public

Marilou Johanek writes:

Two-newspaper towns that went to one years ago could well become no-newspaper towns as the media convergence - both print and electronic - to the Internet continues. But change is part of life, right?

Flip back five, 10, 50 years. Nothing stays the same. And truth is, the daily habit of reading print newspapers is largely a generational thing. Young news junkies who grew up with CNN never became big fans of newspapers.

Unlike those of us who feel lost if we miss our newspaper for more than a day, or who refuse to pitch old editions until they're read, many in the under-40 crowd can't recall buying a paper, let along subscribing to one. They get news and views from virtual sources, from running blogs to and a slew of online newspaper presences.

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