Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Death of the American Newspaper

John Ross writes:

I grew up in New York City where the Times, the Herald Tribune, the Daily Mirror, and the News went head to head every morning and the afternoon slack was taken up by the Post, the Journal American, and the aforementioned World Telegram (& Sun.) A series of left papers - PM, the Compass, and the Star plus the Daily Worker - fed my addiction.

Mexico City is saturated with enough newsprint to slake my newspaper Jones. The Monstruo sustains 10 general news dailies, three daily sports papers, two afternoon broadsheets, three giveaway papers, the English-language The News and the Mexico City editions of Spain's El Pais and ABC. The newspapers dangle from kiosks posted two to a block in the downtown area where freeloaders pause to glimpse at headlines and oogle the gore. Most papers survive on government handouts - paid publicity - which is a two-way blade since advertising revenues tend to slant editorial views. As in much of the world, the Monster's various dailies toe party lines, often representing factions within the major political parties.

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