Sunday, February 15, 2009

This time, the story of a tough economy hits home

Mike McFeely writes:

This newspaper was an anomaly in a business that has been hammered in a two-front battle against the economic disaster and declining circulation.

Heck, The Forum’s circulation actually saw a slight rise recently. We’re hanging in there around 50,000 newspapers a day – not like the salad days, but just maintaining circulation in these times is a victory. And there are another 50,000 people who visit The Forum’s Web site every day.

We are still relevant – no, make that very relevant – despite the major problems of newspapers everywhere. That gave us hope. Perhaps, just maybe, please, could we somehow escape the ugliness? Could we get through these brutal times, and come out on the other end exactly as we went in?

The answer came Tuesday. The hope was false. We are not immune to the economic meltdown.

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