Monday, February 2, 2009

The power of newsprint remains

Edward Greenspan writes:

For me, and many others, a morning wouldn’t be a morning without a newspaper to read at the kitchen table.

I recognize though that my nostalgia for my daily routine is not enough to keep an entire industry in operation. But I truly hope that reports of the death of the newspaper have been greatly exaggerated because print newspapers are still vitally important in our society.

For all that news websites offer in terms of having unlimited time and space to report and update the news, they also have numerous shortcomings. There is really very little in terms of any structured online news organization. That is, websites and blogs typically just reprint articles from the wire services and newspapers.

Much of what passes for online news is not independently gathered news. Journalism ethics and trustworthiness is minimal in blogs that seek only to drive as much web traffic to their sites as possible.

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