Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Post Post-Intelligencer

By the look of things, Seattle is about to become, at best, a one-newspaper town. Unfortunately for Art Thiel, his isn't the one. "I think I could be a pretty good pool boy for a wealthy widow," says the wisecracking Seattle Post-Intelligencer sports columnist, starting to riff on his future if the P-I is shuttered by the Hearst Corporation in mid-March. "I was also thinking of a career teaching English for English Speakers. Spell-checker aside, I get stupefying e-mail from doctors, professors, government officials, and I say 'My gosh, I could help these people!'"

The star columnist, with 28 years at the P-I, is slapping a smiley face on an otherwise grim portrait. But, he says, "Anybody who has to go through a job thing like this, you finally get done cursing all the forces. You realize this just may be the change you needed, even if you don't know what you're suited for. I just wish I would have taken a woodshop class in high school."

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