Sunday, February 15, 2009

Of bail-outs and micro-pay

Vir Sanghvi of the Hindustan Times writes:

Over the last decade, economists have been asking whether paper is worth the price. Apart from the environmental implications (millions of trees are felled each year to make paper), there’s the question of technological obsolescence.

The internet has provided paper-sceptics with a perfect answer. Already, young people in the West (though not in India as yet) are reading fewer and fewer papers. They tend to use the internet to get all the news they need (they are also watching less TV news but that’s another story).

If this change is already happening, then why not use it to redefine the newspaper? Sure, we can continue with the news gathering, the breaking of stories, the investigations, the writing of columns (like this one). But why does everything have to be printed on paper?

Why can’t we just put it on the net?

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