Thursday, February 26, 2009

Newspapers still a vital part of community

Annie Oeth writes:

Some have said that newspapers are going the way of buggy whips. In this Internet age, who needs the print newspaper in the driveway, they ask.

My answer to that is that newspapers are more than newsprint. They are online and podcasting. I was told, as a young journalism student about 25 years ago, not to go into the field if I didn't like embracing new technology, and this was in the day when most people composed letters on IBM Selectric typewriters and had never heard of cell phones and Web sites.

Newspapers, contrary to popular opinion, aren't dying out. Indeed, more people read news now than ever before, thanks to newspapers' Web sites. I enjoy perusing The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post online often, and during the day, I frequently check for news updates from around the state.

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