Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NewspaperProject: a wobbly kickoff

Martin Langeveld writes:

It’s all the fault of us bloggers on “websites that feature negative, gloom-and-doom stories about newspapers.” So, “a group of newspaper executives” has launched, which “will be devoted to insightful articles, commentary and research that provide a more balanced perspective on what newspaper companies can do to survive and thrive in the years ahead.” The “group” also produced print ads and website banners designed for a one-day deployment on Monday, making the point that more people read newspapers than watched the Superbowl.

A “more balanced perspective” presumably means: news and commentary with the optimistic view that the existing newspaper business model has got a future. So the site offers headlines like: “NYT executive editor on why newspapers will survive,” “Time to stand up for newspapers,” “Time for Newspaper Folks to Fight Back,” “The Catalog Factor: Why investors should buy newspaper stocks,” and, believe it or not, David Carr’s “Let’s Invent an i-Tunes for News.” (Yes, that one.) We won’t read about the next newspaper bankruptcy at NewspaperProject.

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