Saturday, February 28, 2009

Newsday et al: Too Little, Too Late

Jeff Jarvis writes:

It’s with profound amusement that I read Newsday will attempt to “end the distribution of free web content.” (Next, Cablevision (CVC) will try to charge us for its deeply boring News12 that no one watches.)

But it’s with profound sadness, exhaustion, exasperation, and deja vu that I read Hearst’s memo about its attempts to update - a memo that could and should have been written and tried out 12 years ago (I’m sure people in this company and others did write versions of it; I know I did). If these actions had been taken back then, there still would have been time to make change and survive. But that time is over.

... The memo speculates about creating an E-ink reader, seeking the mythical iPod moment for papers. I fear it’s a myth.

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