Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mourning a paper's loss

It flew over the fence and landed on the patio every morning, folded inside a rubber band that sometimes stretched so taut, it could be hard to remove without feeling the harsh snap of the rubber lash against the inside of your wrist.

The Rocky Mountain News.

Any Denver native of a certain vintage will remember "The News" (not "The Rocky," as it is so often called these days) as the first way to get the day's sports news in Denver.

How did John Elway look at training camp yesterday? What did a box score with David Thompson scoring 73 points for the Nuggets really look like? Were the Rockies — the ones who played on ice — truly as bad as they looked?

No need to rifle through sections of the paper. Just open the front page of the conveniently sized tabloid, see where the sports started and find out what you missed the night before: What you didn't see on SportsCenter, because there was no such thing.

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