Monday, February 16, 2009

Laid-off Washington Times Cartoonist just Rolling with the Punches

Bill Garner, the former editorial cartoonist for The Washington Times, knew that the economy was tough and that cuts were coming. He just didn’t think they were coming his way.

“They were talking hot air up my ass for months when they knew all along they were going to be shoving me through the door,” Garner said.

The management of The Washington Times brought in “professional headhunters” to deal with that declining revenues and drops in circulation that are effecting most newspapers throughout the country.

Garner said the headhunters analyzed the paper, taking note of existing systems and personnel, and figured out what they could do to improve the paper for the future. Back in August, the decision was made to outsource The Times printing to The Baltimore Sun, saving the millions of dollars it would have taken to maintain their outdated presses.

Still, Garner was surprised that the headhunters came his way.

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