Monday, February 9, 2009

Kindle 2: Style Over Substance

The new Kindle 2 is just 0.36 inches wide--25% thinner than the iPhone--and has dropped the last version's asymmetric, clunky design, oversized page-turning buttons, off-white color and primitive scroll wheel. Instead, it's a flat, white sheet of compact electronics, with rounded edges, small buttons and a brushed-metal back panel.

In other words, the Kindle isn't the anachronistic throwback to 1980s electronics that it once was. And that means the device's form may have finally caught up with its function....

Amazon's competitors are still working to pull more of the nascent e-book market away from Kindle. On Monday, Plastic Logic, which plans its own, larger e-reader for early 2010, announced deals with the Financial Times and a content aggregator that combines feeds from newspapers including The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. Sony, for its part, has said it will debut a wireless-capable version of its Reader sometime in the next year or so.

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