Friday, February 27, 2009

Journalist Calls on News Media to Stop Giving it Away for Free - UnPlug News Sites for a Week, Starting July 4

Whether we get our news from the net or the papers or TV, journalist T. J. Sullivan says if you want facts and hard investigative reporting, it's time to save journalists and news-gathering organizations, even if not the medium of paper. No matter where you get to know of it finally, chances are a story began as a newspaper story. Towards that end, Sullivan has begun an online petition, that asks news organizations to plug their virtual freebies for one week in July this year, so that readers understand just how valuable news-gathering is, especially to a democracy.

"I hope the goal of the petition is realized, that newspapers and The Associated Press actually unplug their Web sites for one week starting July 4, 2009," he says. According to Sullivan, unless all American newspapers and The Associated Press, switch to a pay-for mode even online, newspapers and with it democracy, will begin to fold.

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