Monday, February 2, 2009

Can the Press Fix Itself?

Whatever happened to Steve Brill? Brill is the creator of a string of enterprises, most recently a company called Clear, maker of the Verified Identity Pass that can whisk the user through airport security, lickety split. He's CEO of what he says is a thriving enterprise, so he's doing very well, thank you.

A lawyer by training, Brill authored two books, founded American Lawyer magazine and took the leap into cable television. He's the creator of the now-defunct Court TV, but he may be best known in journalism circles for the publication that carried his name, Brill's Content.

Launched in 1998, Brill's Content specialized in lengthy and often complex, in-your-face articles that spared media figures and government officials very little. After a significant run, Brill pulled the plug on Content in 2001. But not, he says, because there was any problem attracting subscribers; there were plenty of those, some 480,000 at the end.

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