Monday, February 9, 2009

American Journalism No Longer a 'Safe Haven Job' - Even in Hawaii

Bob Jones writes:

If I owned or edited local newspapers I'd be inclined to revert to hard-core coverage of City Hall and the Legislature plus critical columns such as those readers find in MidWeek. That's because newspapers long ago lost young readers — they're internet people. You can't regain them with fluff. You can get a solid older readership by providing hard-core news. And hard-core opinion columns.

I'm bothered by the trend to have reporters shoot pictures and do videos, or photographers also doing reporting. I understand the economic reasons. But you end up with lesser pictures and lesser reporting. One person cannot do well doing both.

I'd be inclined to restructure the coverage. Less on court cases, accidents and incidental police news. Much more on where we're spending money and how well, who's trading off for what in the City Council and Legislature, what side jobs lawmakers have, why Elisa Yadao got all that transit money and what she did with it (down to the dollar), a reality look at the late Chief Justice Herman Lum's administration instead of one of those don't-speak-ill-of-the-dead obituaries.

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