Sunday, January 4, 2009

When a light-bringer goes dark

Eric Greene writes about the last day the presses will run at the Battle Creek Enquirer. Printing will be done at its sister paper in Lansing as of Tuesday.

Starting with Tuesday's edition, copies of the Enquirer will be printed each night in Lansing and then driven to Battle Creek for delivery. If all goes according to plan, readers won't notice any difference. The thud on the doorstep is supposed to occur at the same time this Tuesday as it did last Tuesday.

But it will be different, at least for the remaining Enquirer employees who'll know that the product we assemble each day is no longer printed downstairs. We'll no longer be able to poke our heads into the pressroom and witness the monstrous miracle that is a printing press. We'll no longer have local press operators who spot journalists' goof-ups and wait patiently as we issue corrections.

We'll no longer have a light-bringer in our own building.

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