Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rocky spikes column asking if Feds might intervene to prevent shutdown

Rocky Mountain News contributor Jason Salzman wrote in a column for the newspaper last week that “putting the Rocky on the market for one month over the holidays looks like it’s not a good-faith effort to find a buyer for the newspaper.” But the observation didn’t appear in the Rocky because editor and publisher John Temple rejected the column, Salzman says in a blog post Tuesday. It’s the first time in more than four years the Rocky has refused one of his biweekly “On the Media” columns, Salzman writes.

“My editors at the Rocky have been fair during my years of freelance service. I respect them, and Temple did not fire me,” the media critic writes. Salzman adds that he posted the rejected column because he feels it’s important to raise questions about possible federal intervention to keep Rocky owner E.W. Scripps Co. from shutting down the 149-year-old newspaper.

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