Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Only quality journalism can save us, says Sun editor Rebekah Wade

The Sun editor, Rebekah Wade, last night used her first public speech to warn that only good journalism could save the newspaper industry from the recession.

After six years as editor of the red-top she delivered a passionate defence of tabloids while railing against industry doomsayers at the Cudlipp Lecture at the London College of Communications.

"The quality of our journalism will make or break our industry, not the recession," Wade said.

"The death knell is already ringing for publishers who have forgotten our reason for being.

"Cost-cutting in this business only works if the savings are reinvested in journalism.

"Can we survive this economic climate if we keep investment in journalism at the heart of what we do? I suggest to you tonight: in the words of Bob The Builder, plagiarised by Barack Obama. Yes we can."

She pointed to statistics showing that last year 382,000 people stopped buying a daily paper.

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