Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MediaNews proposes 15% pay cuts

From the San Jose Newspaper Guild:

MediaNews negotiators on Wednesday proposed that the salaries of Guild members be reduced by 15 percent under the collective bargaining agreement now being negotiated.

The salary of veteran reporters, editors and advertising sales people earning the current scale of $1,279.51 a week would find their pay cut $383.86 every paycheck, issued every other week. The scale for experienced copy clerks, now at $598.53 a week, would be reduced $179.56 per pay check.

Employees earning above scale – say, the hypothetical reporter earning $80,000 – would find their paychecks cut $461.54 each pay period, under the company proposal.

The harsh cuts proposed by the company Wednesday did not end there.

Advertising sales representatives would have their guaranteed salaries cut even further, and would be expected to earn the rest from increased commissions.

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