Friday, January 23, 2009

Helium CEO: We Want To Help Fix the Newspaper Industry

From Center Networks:

Helium CEO Mark Ranalli was on the Fox Business show during the 6am hour. I grabbed the clip and embedded it below (no comments on the audio or lamp!). We covered the Helium marketplace last year including a chat with Ranalli. Helium provides a marketplace where writers can post their content, the community decides on the best stories in a topic and then newspapers and other media outlets can buy the content. The content author and Helium share in the generated revenue.

Ranalli noted on Fox that last year their top earner last year made $5,000 and they have thousands of writers earning hundreds of dollars a month. A lot of the stories will earn nothing or next to nothing so to some extent you are placing a lot of content out there in the hopes that some of it gets paid to make up for the stories that don't get paid.

Ranalli also spoke about deals Helium is working with some of the largest newspaper companies in the U.S. and apparently there are some upcoming deals as well.

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