Monday, January 26, 2009

As the news business slows, so too does the business of selling it

Wednesday was an unusual day for Newsland Bookstore. It was busy.

In the early hours, people swept in and out of the newsstand at 2112 Central Ave. Some bought six or seven copies of the New York Times. Others grabbed a Wall Street Journal and a USA Today. A few topped off the stack with an Albuquerque Journal.

Roger Walsh, who owns the store, said he expected the crowds. After all, the day before was the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, and people wanted a piece of history.

"Elections, I do real well," he said. "Being the first African-American president, it's kind of a landmark for America."

But the following days, everything was back to normal. Sales slowed down, something Walsh has grown used to.

"Printed material is changing," he said. "And in my eyes, I don't see within two decades that we should have a newsstand, much less a newspaper."

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