Sunday, December 7, 2008

World-Herald moves to embrace strong future

Terry Kroeger, publisher of Omaha World-Herald, writes:

Bloggers, talk-radio hosts and TV pundits all can entertain and inform. But only the local newspaper has the staff, experience and expertise to gather facts on a wide range of topics and present them in an objective and understandable format so that citizens can tackle the problems in our communities and region.

Only a well-trained, well-resourced newspaper staff could produce the extensive coverage by The World-Herald of last year's Von Maur shootings and the community's recovery; the investigation of the lavish perks paid to Nancy Belck and her cronies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha; or our extensive, ongoing series about the issues facing north Omaha and potential solutions to those problems.

No other news source produces the useful and enjoyable features we provide daily on what is going on in sports, entertainment and community activities.

Still, ours is a business that must generate revenue to produce the news and information we offer daily in print and digital formats. And that brings us back to this difficult year.

I ask for your patience and support as we ride out this recession with our advertising partners. I am confident that the common sense, energy and spirit found here in the Midlands will allow our communities to survive this economic malady and thrive in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Um, that's the *Omaha* World-Herald.