Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sun Media cutting 600 jobs

Just a week before Christmas, Sun Media Corporation, Canada's largest publisher of newspapers, is laying off 600 full-time employees.

Staff at the Toronto Sun, the company's largest English-language daily, learned of the news this morning when editor-in-chief Lou Clancy emerged from a meeting with the paper's publisher and read a statement announcing the layoffs to the newsroom. He wept while reading.

The paper is said to have lost 16 full-time editorial staff as well as staff from other departments.

The other 584 jobs - which represent 10 percent of the company's workforce, excluding mailroom operators - are being shed from the company's smaller papers, which include the Ottawa Sun, London Free Press, 24 Hours and Peterborough Examiner.

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Toronto Sun Family Blog has more details.

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