Monday, December 22, 2008

Students see the possibilities

Edward Wasserman writes:

The world has bigger problems than the media's current miseries, so you may have missed these reports from two days last week: Macmillan Publishing eliminating 64 jobs, New York magazine announcing its first layoffs, top-level execs getting the ax at CBS, a 10 percent staff reduction at the New York financial newsweekly The Deal, Crain Communications dumping 6 percent of its workforce, a pay freeze at The New York Times, eco-themed magazines succumbing to slumping advertising, National Public Radio laying off 64 staffers, Detroit's two dailies cutting home delivery to three days a week .

Now, I know what you're thinking: Say, if only I were a youngster just starting out. I'd sure be giving serious thought to a rewarding career in the media!

College students are renowned for that kind of shrewd logic. So it's no surprise to learn that the latest survey of university journalism and mass communications programs indicates that after a modest leveling off in 2006, enrollments have resumed their hearty rise.

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