Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stacy Hanna: The Enquirer is your local news source

A week ago today, we at the Enquirer were on the receiving end of some pretty bad news; news that we're more familiar reporting than hearing.

Almost half the staff at the Battle Creek Enquirer lost their jobs that day and to add insult to injury, we learned the printing press would cease to run very early in 2009.

Even I am having trouble remaining glass-half-full about this one....

Before I go any further, I'd like to acknowledge those of you who called or wrote e-mails or stopped me in the coffee shop or at school to ask if I was going to be OK and if my newsroom family — and make no mistake, we are a family — was going to be affected by the job cuts. Your genuine concern was touching and I was more than moved by your kindness.

However, there was another response to our sad news — not a reaction that surprised me, but made my stomach turn and my blood boil all the same. So many (mostly online) readers (I use that term loosely) took our bad news as a cue to spew their nastiness in their anonymous online comments to Wednesday's story, and a couple of them even had the nerve to say "I told you so," to my face or over the phone.

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