Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Rocky Mountain News is going down

The Rocky Mountain News began marking its sesquicentennial months before the actual date — April 23, 2009 — with the launch of a planned 150-part series spotlighting its coverage of notable historic events that took place during its life span. But the paper has also been embracing new technology even as its basic business design — printing information on paper that's then transported at great expense to the mailboxes and driveways of subscribers who are often many miles away — becomes more and more antiquated.

This collision of the past and the future took on a special poignancy on December 4, when video journalist Sonya Doctorian captured newsroom footage of John Temple, the Rocky's editor, publisher and president, and Rich Boehne, president and CEO of its parent company, Cincinnati-based E.W. Scripps, telling the paper's staff that the tabloid had just been put up for sale. That video was then loaded on the Rocky's website, along with the rest of Boehne's comments, as the paper tried to cover itself like any other story.

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