Saturday, December 27, 2008

Review-Courier changes publication frequency

Lynn L. Martin writes about changes at the Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram:

... we need to reduce operating expense, but we don't want to quit covering all the area school board meetings, city council meetings, hospital board meetings, etc. So we are going to continue to cover those, but reduce the number of press runs by half. Those news stories will be moved to a larger paper on Friday. (Same page size, just more pages.) Also, the daily cartoons will not be available to us since we won't be a daily, but we may pick up some designed for less frequent newspapers. We may use some of that space for more photographs, graphics, and news items.

So here's what will occur beginning January 1, 2009. We will publish three times per week. On Wednesday, the regular Newsgram will be distributed. Then on Friday, a Review-Courier will be printed. It will accumulate the local news stories written about meetings that were formerly printed on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Then on Sunday, a regular Sunday paper will be printed. The per copy price of the Friday paper will move to $1.00, since it is planned to be more pages, like the Sunday paper, which is $1.00.

The difference in cost per week is $1 for paid subscribers (two fewer 50 cent editions), whether they get a paper copy or read it on-line.

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