Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Publisher: We're doing well

Scott Schmeltzer, publisher of the Albert Lea Tribune, writes:

I have received calls and e-mails from people that think the Albert Lea Tribune is a part of that company.

We are not.

Let me make this very clear, the Albert Lea Tribune is owned by Boone Newspapers Inc.

We are a community newspaper group. Community newspapers are doing well, according to the National Newspapers Association.

Many people have either read about or have watched the news over the past few days and weeks about layoffs in the newspaper industry. It is true that layoffs have been happening as this industry; just like many others we are adjusting to the economic times we are facing.

The larger metro newspapers have been hit the hardest with the cost of paper increasing as well as having advertising revenues being lost to Web sites and niche publications.

Community newspapers do not have the overhead that the larger newspapers do and because of that have an easier time making adjustments.

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